GENERATE NEW DATA such as Billing events, Accounting postings and Forecasts

B-CEPHAL does not only report and analyse data, it also generates new data when needed. For instance, to generate a billing event, an accounting posting, a production planning, a forecast, a scenario or a profitability projection,  you need to generate new data.

With B-CEPHAL, the algorithms for generation of data has been designed for non-IT users:

  • Create your data with predefined models:
    • Billing events
    • Postings
    • Forecasts
  • Create you algorithm via visuals syntax: loops and action blocs
  • Design your algorithm with usual spreadsheet formulas & logical operators
  • Clear & Play approach allows iterative approaches without risks of corrupting core data

B-CEPHAL automates the most time demanding operations for consutlant, controllers or managers: large number of slides report, allocation, forecast, commission & discount calculation, profitability per sub-segment,...